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What Shipping options do you offer?

Letter Standard Shipping
Comes WITHOUT tracking
An economical shipping method utilizing a letter envelope
Delivery can take 1-3 weeks domestic USA, up to 5 weeks International 

Letter Standard Shipping+
Comes WITHOUT tracking
An economical shipping method utilizing a large manila envelope for larger orders
elivery can take 1-3 weeks domestic USA, up to 5 weeks International 

First Class with Tracking
Product is shipped in a bubble mailer with tracking
Delivery can take 3-10 business days within domestic US

Priority (only within the United States)
Product is shipped in a bubble mailer with tracking and should arrive within 3 business days


Do you ship Internationally?
Yes we do, we provide 3 shipping methods for international orders.


Where is my order?
Depending on the shipment method you selected, your order may come with a tracking number, Orders without tracking number usually takes anywhere from up to 3 weeks for domestic orders, while it can take  4-5 weeks for international orders.
It is not common or order to be lost in transit, so if your package failed to arrive within the timeframe, please contact your local post office then us for a solution.


Do you do doodles or package art?
Of course, art request will be fulfilled with the best of my abilities [which is pretty crap tbh].


I received a wrong patch in my order / I am unsatisfied with my purchase due to defect, damage, or error?
You’re more than welcome to contact us at and we will be happy to provide a solution to your predicament.


When will you restock (x) patch?
Restocks may take some time to occur. However, feel free to send a message on your desired design. It is not uncommon to have some leftover patches slip by unnoticed when inventorized.


How will I be notified on new and restocked items?
To stay informed on our latest artwork, designs, and restocks, subscribe to our newsletter or follow our social media on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter


Are all you patches Velcro backed?
Yes they are. However they can be removed if requested.


I have this sick patch idea that I need help making it happen, chance you can help me with the process?
While I don’t produce custom patch orders, will be more than happy to aid a fellow patch maker with making his design a reality.


Hey, there’s an extra item in my order, what gives??
There are no mistakes, only happy little accidents 


There’s rumors that ur a loli IRL, is this true?
To serve the public’s interest, I cannot confirm nor deny these allegations